Welcome to the database of all of my creative work!

Over the course of the past 15-20 years I have been developing this system in my free time, and am proud to finally have most of the core functionality in place now. There still remains a lot of work ahead of me in regard to adding all of the content and photos (there are thousands) such that it serves as a complete catalog. With that said, I've picked some of my favorite projects as the first ones to upload.

Please take note of the "SPOILERS" feature at the top left corner of the website, which is by default set to show you and tell you everything. If, for example, you were thinking about buying a Clutch Box puzzle then you might want to click that "hide" button so that the site doesn't show any photos that give away the moves.

If you look inside the following three pages, here's what you'll find:

  • Designs:   Info about (and lots of photos of) specific puzzles that I've made over the years.
  • Materials:   Info about the various materials that I used along the way, plus links back into the Design pages for every Instance of it being used.
  • Community:   Info about the colleagues of mine who designed some of the stuff I've made, plus links back to every Design of theirs that's in the system.

Additional things worth mentioning about how this system works:

  • Within each Design page, it's organized by Production Batches and within each one of those are individual Instances of that puzzle design.
  • The TIMELINE on this page lists every one of the Production Batches in the system, starting with the most recent.
  • You can click on the section headers (bold white text on gray background) to toggle the display between tile / table mode.

Lee Krasnow, webmaster