in a sense, this entire website is one giant blog, yet moving forward I will be doing less email newsletters and instead just post updates here; in the mean time here is something to chew one which I guarantee you I am updating at least once every few days atm:

very recent things Lee has been working on:

  • LOTS of work setting up the webserver and fine tuning how I am managing it. I am learning a TON from chatGPT about ubuntu administration, network security, and shell scripting. The server (an old mac-mini sitting here on one of my workbenches) is running GREAT.
  • variously upgrading the core code system with little fixes here and there as the need pops up to debug things in order to just get the system running at all. Happily, I find myself pleasantly surprised rather frequently at how well thought out so much of this 10-15 year old code base is, now that I'm pushing forward with the development process.
  • improvements in the fancy image viewer plugin interface
  • started filling out some data for wood info in the Materials folder using chatGPT to do the research for me and I'm just copy-pasting in the data. caveat emptor on the quality of the facts presented in there.
  • starting to tweak the layout and fine tuning of how the site looks in various places, moved the site links menu up to the top of the window, added a bunch more menu links and (currently blank) topic pages
  • Recent clutch box image uploads here
  • Implemented a system to tag photos or information on the site as "spoilers" and the site lets you filter out any spoilers if you want to take a look without compromising your potentially virgin solving experience.
  • combed through my photo archives and uploaded every photo that I have of every Clutch Box I've ever made, including a lot of fun in-process shots. Yay anti-spoiler system.
  • added a viewCount flag on the images so I can track which ones get clicked on most often and then show those to you first at the homepage eventually, just like all those sweet porn sites do.
  • added photos and info for the Barcode Burr and Corner Cube
  • added a "timeline" section to the Portfolio page which lists all of the projects that I've worked on in reverse chronological order so you can easily see what I've been up to most recently
  • added photos of the Slideways Cube
  • put at least some placeholder text in each of the section pages that I have links to at the top menu of the site so you know what my intentions are for each one
  • put a half-way reasonable explanation of how the database works up on the main Portfolio page.